The Guaranteed Bookings Package

This is the ultimate marketing package for only £99 which guarantees you 60 bookings a year or your money back!

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The Benefits of the Guaranteed Bookings Package

What is Included?


Takes bookings 24/7. Customised to your pricing and lead times. Placed on your current website and facebook page.


A mobile responsive website which includes SEO and a review widget. Aims to turn your lookers into bookers.


Engage with your customers via social media. Have automotive trends and stories posted to your facebook daily.


Be number one in the Google search results for your garage's name. Increases traffic to your website.

Facebook target advertising

Finding the local customers you’re looking for. A promotional offer will be run as your advert to a targeted audience.

Product videos

Encourage more bookings through our informative product video. Keeping your customers engaged for longer.

“I have run Fields Car Centre for over 36 years and have become very skeptical of people who say they can get us more business in via the internet. But after speaking to another garage owner who was singing the praises of Book My Garage I thought I’d look into them. Our digital manager agreed that Book My Garage does not work for everyone, but the more we talked the more I thought we can’t lose. We have been with Book My Garage for 3 months and have received 20 good bookings. If you’re like me (old school) what I would say is give it a go it’s only £99.00 a month.”
- Richard Field, Owner of Fields Car Centre

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