Book My Garage

Book My Garage is dedicated to providing service garages with innovative digital solutions to help them promote their offerings online. Introducing the service and repair industry to advanced digital marketing solutions including online booking, video authorisation software, and fully managed marketing packages, Book My Garage designs unique solutions to help garages generate unparalleled results.

Why Should your garage choose us

We believe you should be in control of your own customers
We believe your business should not rely on 3rd parties selling your own customer base back to you
We pledge to continually invest in technology that will keep your garage digitally engaged
We guarantee that our pricing will always be transparent so you can manage your business efficiently
We vow to fight for a strong garage sector because it benefits everyone: the garages, car owners and local communities

The BMG team

We're the team who are dedicated to provide garages with the right digital solutions. We love our garages and we work hard everyday to ensure every product is to the highest standard.

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