How to improve your return on marketing investment?

BookMyGarage can generate 80% more bookings than other leading marketing companies such as Yell for 20% less spend per month.

BookMyGarage has been providing garages with digital marketing services since 2015 and has spotted a trend. Many garages are paying marketing companies an average of £1,000 per month for Google pay-per-click advertising and have no visibility of how effective the marketing spend is in terms of how many MOT and car servicing bookings they are receiving in return. Those that decided to try BookMyGarage’s Digital Starter Package for £149 per month soon dropped Yell completely.

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Garage Case Study

Garages have improved the return on their marketing investment after switching from Yell to BookMyGarage


Garages are finding it hard to justify their monthly marketing spend with Yell. Garages notice that the number of bookings they receive never seem to change much. Measuring the return on marketing investment through any channel, including Yell, is hard.


The booking widget along with in-depth reporting allows garages to see exactly how many bookings they are getting. This is included in BookMyGarage’s Digital Starter Package, where everything is geared to generating more visitors and increasing conversion rates to fuel a garage’s growth in bookings.


Sophisticated reporting proves that most bookings generated through driving traffic to their website is due to BookMyGarage marketing. Yell charges a 48% fee and seems to just direct a lot of poor quality traffic to garage websites that has little or no intention of booking fee.


Great ads on Google & Facebook, interesting content in social feeds, reliable booking and review widgets. With BookMyGarage, garages now have effective and great-looking marketing that generates more bookings for less money.

““For four years I paid Yell over £800 per month and, in that whole time, I received 10 enquiries. Not jobs, enquiries. Just last week I received 10 actual jobs from BookMyGarage and I am paying them half of what I paid Yell. It’s totally different. With Yell I got no feedback, no visits, no emails, no liaison, the customer service was terrible. With BookMyGarage I receive a lot of feedback. It’s a no-brainer.”
- Thomas Tidiman, Owner, Fir Tree Autocentre

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