Google Pay Per Click

A flexible and targeted marketing method to ensure you only pay for customers who interested in making an MOT, service or repair booking with you.

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What are the benefits?

How does it work?

1. Once we know your budget, and the offer you would like to run, we will start to create a highly targeted campaign so only those interested in car MOTs, servicing and repairs in your local area will see your adverts
2. We will ensure your landing page is optimised with a strong call to action and works well with your advert. We aim to encourage the people who click on your advert to make a booking with you.
3. It works on a cost per click basis, so when someone clicks on your advert, you pay a certain amount. This allows us to work out a cost per booking to calculate your return on investment.

“We are seeing that this is a great way of demonstrating the value we can provide to motorists in our area. We have had bookings from motorists who we would probably not have seen otherwise, but who have selected us based on our quality, additional services and value”
- Paul Cliff, AutoSafety centre, Widnes

Get more bookings through highly targeted PPC campaigns

Get in touch now and let us help you detemine how Google PPC can help increase your bookings.

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