SecretService™ is now gaining manufacturer endorsement for funding bookings.

SecretService™ delivers conquest customers with an average invoiced value of:

  • £407 for Volkswagen;
  • £387 for Mercedes; and over
  • £200 for volume brands

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Secret Service logo delivers conquest customers & improves retention.

Market disruptors are taking your customers away by claiming they're 60% cheaper than you

40% of 3 & 4 year old car customers are online price matching1.
Disruptors have already taken 17% of aftermarket customers away 2.
Consumers presume that franchise garages won't service 3+ year old cars
Consumers also believe that franchise garages are too expensive

SecretService™ provides a solution

Guaranteed ROI

  • Real-time reporting to show proof of return on investment.
  • Providing you with in-depth information about your bookings. For instance, work types, manufacture types, volume and value of bookings.
  • We can show you everything from individual branches and overall group reporting for all branches.
  • As well as confirmed bookings, the SecretService™ Intelligence converts customers as they are about to migrate.

Fully managed, real time reporting, providing proof of return on investment and even provides a solution to gaining positive CSI.

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Fully managed, real time reporting, providing proof of return on investment.

Booking types graph

1 SMMT 2 McKinsey 3/17

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