SecretService™ - Guaranteed ROI between 200% & 500%
  • Improve customer retention
  • Win back lapsed customers
  • Gain conquest customers

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“We were able to see which of our customers we were about to lose so that we could retain them. We also gained new customers who openly admitted they would not have considered us at all. SecretService™ is now an important part of our retention and conquest strategy.”
- Chris Allen, Service Manager, Alan Day Volkswagen

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The SecretService™ solution prevents market disruptors taking your customers away.

Online intermediaries claim that franchises are “60% cheaper than main dealers” and strengthen the belief that Franchises are expensive. But, also, consumers believe that franchise dealers only perform work on cars that they have sold or are those of a certain brand. And they assume franchises never work on cars that are more than three years-old.

SecretService™ Goals

  • Helping franchises to retain existing customers, by servicing their current car until they are ready to buy a newer car from you.
  • Win back former customers, by getting them to bring their current car back in for a service and then upselling them a newer one.
  • Gain new, conquest customers who would not normally have considered your franchise for a service.

SecretService™ achieves all these goals by offering motorists a great deal that does not compromise the franchise dealership’s brand and which is attractive enough to take on all the disruptive, price-driven, online intermediaries in the process.

For the first time, franchises would be evaluated against other garages favourably by car owners and they would win conquest customers, or win back old ones, that were almost certainly out of their reach otherwise.

Marketing Your Franchise

  • Using a compelling offer under the label SecretService™, we will market your franchise via Google, Facebook and a featured listing on the BookMyGarage comparison site.
  • Your franchise name will be revealed to the customer once the booking has been made to stop any biases from coming into play and to prevent price-related brand erosion.

SecretService™ Intelligence

  • SecretService™ vehicle registration intelligence identifies the existing customers who are at the point of researching independent garages, fast-fits and online disruptors’ compelling offers.
  • Capturing the customer at this point, when they are at the highest risk of migration, assists with customer retention.

Guaranteed ROI of at least double

  • Real-time reporting to show proof of return on investment.
  • Providing you with in-depth information about your bookings. For instance, work types, manufacture types, volume and value of bookings.
  • We can show you everything from individual branches and overall group reporting for all branches.
  • As well as confirmed bookings, the SecretService™ Intelligence converts customers as they are about to migrate.

Quarterly screenshares are conducted with the franchise dealer’s management to ensure everything is going in accordance with expectations and to interpret the results being seen in the reporting system

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Fully managed, real time reporting, providing proof of return on investment and even provides a solution to gaining positive CSI.

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