"...it has surpassed all of our expectations."

We help over 8,000 garages using our digital solutions to help promote their services online. Their contentment is of paramount importance for us. Take a look at what our garages have to say about Book my Garage.

“I have run Fields Car Centre for over 36 years and have become very sceptical of people who say they can get us more business in via the internet. But after speaking to another garage owner who was singing the praises of Book My Garage I thought I’d look into them. Our digital manager agreed that Book My Garage does not work for everyone, but the more we talked the more I thought we can’t lose. We have been with Book My Garage for 3 months and have received 20 good bookings. If you’re like me (old school) what I would say is give it a go”

Richard Field, Owner, Fields Car Centre

Fields Car Centre testimonial

“Book My Garage has given us a website that is mobile enabled, we have a booking widget and customers can get hold of us when we’re open or closed and book anytime of the day or night. Book My Garage now looks after all my digital needs including facebook content, which also contains a booking tool so customers can book online. I'm also trying out their VMA product, which allows customers to see what needs to be replaced on their vehicle and the cost.”

Richard Gray, Owner of Triangle Cars, Havant

“I think having BookMyGarage’s support is the best thing I’ve done! I’ve only had the site since September and in that time I have had around 8 bookings of new customers purely from the site alone without the Facebook advertising. The cost of the site has already been covered by the 8 new customers and they will cover the next two months if I didn’t get any over December and January, any that I do get will be a bonus!

Most companies will call and promise the world and try and paint a picture of a queue of new customers at the door and at first, I was sceptical but took a chance and it paid off. I would recommend anyone considering a new website to use BookMyGarage. All was done for me with minimum input allowing me to run my business without being hassled.”

Mark Faetz, Owner, Wallsend Test Centre

Wallsend Test Centre testimonial

“RG motor services have been trading since 2008, for nearly nine years we have carried out numerous advertising campaigns, such as newspaper, directory’s, leaflets and we had a bespoke website built for us. I’m sure all above have a made an effort but which one I would really struggle to pick, and my confidence in advertising was diminishing along with my work load.

But this year, I signed with Book My Garage. Our view on advertising has transformed, I am now seeking more staff, as my work load has increased, and our online bookings and phone calls from new customers have gone up. Of all the campaigns I have done never have I seen an impact such as this. And I can only put his down to the Book My Garage team.

Once again thank you very much Book My Garage for all your hard work and pushing me in the right direction.”

Ryan Ginifer, Owner, RG Motors
RG Motors testimonial

“It was very easy to add the booking tool to our website. We got our first booking within 24 hours, and have had a steady flow ever since. Customers love that they can get instant prices. It’s been surprising how many bookings we’ve had come through when we’ve been closed. BookMyGarage has been fantastic for us”

Wayne Lindley, Aftersales Manager, Mike Brewer Motors

“I have been using ‘BookMyGarage.com’ for the past 5 months. Initially, I tested the water with BookMyGarage by agreeing to receive jobs on a pay as you go basis. This worked well and was far better that the experience of using the other online organisations due to the fact that the only jobs referred to me were prospective customers who had already chosen to have work done at my garage on the BookMyGarage website.

As these first referrals had worked well, I decided to move to the next level of paying a quarterly fee up front for work referrals plus the inclusion of an online booking tool on my existing website. The amount of work generated by this method has increased month on month so I am very happy. Also, The personal support I’ve received from the staff at the organisation has been excellent.”

Nick Brennan, Owner, A47 Car Testing Centre

Wallsend Test Centre testimonial

“My website has been live for 11 days now and I can proudly say that it has surpassed all of our expectations. We have already taken 12 bookings directly through the site and 2 telephone calls to book in. Of these 14 people, 11 are new customers and 3 are existing customers that booked out of hours/at the weekend. This has so far generated over £1500 worth of work and even more surprisingly the combination bookings of service and MOT is about 90%. Long may this continue. I have Facebook advertising with various promotions including the free MOT checker which customers seem to love too.

I am looking forward now to expanding the business and taking on more technicians to deal with the increased workload. Any potential new Book My Garage customers should have no doubt that this is the way forward. This has seriously opened my eyes to the future”

Graham Arnold, Owner, AMG The Garage Gosport

“BookMyGarage staff are very helpful and they even showed me how to add a booking service to my Facebook page as well as my website. Bookings started coming in quickly, and the customers have been great and have posted positive feedback, which also gets posted on my Twitter account! This is incredible value and a must for any modern day independent garage”

Philip Madeira, Owner, Complete Auto Stockport

Complete Auto Stockport testimonial

“We got two bookings immediately after the booking tool was added to our website, both major services. Our customers think we’re really digitally savvy which make us look good too! We change the lead time and the prices ourselves to fit our business needs. So far a valuable service from BookMyGarage”

Sharon, WMSS, Erdington Birmingham

WMSS testimonial

“We are seeing that this is a great way of demonstrating the value we can provide to motorists in our area. We have had bookings from motorists who we would probably not have seen otherwise, but who have selected us based on our quality, additional services and value”

Paul Cliff, AutoSafety centre, Widnes

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