ViewMyAuto FAQ’s

View My Auto can be used in many different ways to help with trust, transparency and a customer experience of your garage. For you, it will help increase amber and red work whilst speeding up the process and increasing profit.

How long does a video take?

A good video should be no longer than 1 ½ minutes long. If a video becomes too long the customer begins to lose interest. The main aim is to have a clear video of what you have found with their vehicle.

What should I show in a video?

Always remember to introduce you and your garage and to say thank you at the end. As you are doing this, video the car's vehicle registration so that they can see it actually is their car that you are recording the issue on.

If you are carrying out a vehicle health check then we recommend filming the normal checks. Tyre depths, brake wear etc. If carrying out a MOT, after the initial check over is the best time to perform the video (with the engine off). This will allow you to highlight and faults with the vehicle and recommendations for fixing the vehicle.

What if nothing is wrong with the car?

These are what we call green videos. They give customers the feel good factor and the reassurance that everything is fine, helping to build trust and transparency. You will be amazed by how many people show and share a positive video. Instantly giving you great brand awareness for your business.
Green videos should provide a brief overview that the vehicle is in a safe and satisfactory condition, show that the tyres and brakes are in good order and point out that the general condition is good.

Can I take more than one video?

Yes, many times you might have found work that you need to show internally or on a ramp. Keeping one video can make the video too long if you are having to heighten or lower the video. Our app allows multiple videos allowing you to show separate issues or solutions with their vehicle. Again, it is important to have the video start with the car registration.

What if the vehicle needs urgent work?

You start the video in the same way as before with an introduction and brief overview of the vehicles condition.
However, this needs to be followed up with the areas that require immediate attention. We recommend that these are classed as areas of concern. As an example, If I tyre is below 1.6mm then you need to inform them immediately that the tyre is below the legal limit. This can be further enforced with terms such as ’IMMEDIATE ATTENTION’. The good news for you is that you have recorded the evidence that you have advised of immediate attention work.
It is also advisable to intersperse any bad news with items of good news if possible.

What is the most effective way of showing an illegal tyre?

By using a digital tyre gauge, you provide the customer with a simple, easy to understand visual aid. Any other tyre defects, we recommend using chalk to help the camera pick them out. These can be for the likes of bulges, nails, rips etc.

What’s the best way to indicate brake pad and disc wear?

If you have the chance, then taking the wheel off and using brake pad wear indicators to show how much wear has taken place is the best visual. But we understand that this is not always possible in a busy garage. A simple visual guide works well, try and give them the wear left in percentage and not millimetres. Saying 90% worn sounds better than just over 2mm. Again anything under 3mm is a recommended replacement. Make sure you give your customer as much feedback as possible.

How do I know they have watched the video?

You get a full back office portal allowing you to see the:

• Date and time the video was created
• Mechanics name who took the video
• Link to the secure domain that the video is being shown
• Date and time stamp of when the video was watched
• Capture of mobile number and e-mail address entered
• Acceptance of work request if added into the video

Do I have to check the back office every time a video has been watched?

No, we will send you a text or e-mail to your master account when the video has been watched. This allows you to know immediately that your consumer has watched the video and allow you to respond

Where else do you recommend that we use video?

• Do you provide collection and delivery? Take a quick video on your phone before taking the car. We speak with garages every day and have been amazed by how many cases our garages have had of consumers indicating that scratches and scuffs were not there before the garage took the car. Quick walk round video allows you to record the car and send the video direct to the customer.
• Car is now ready for collection. Speaking with mechanics, this sometimes can take a long time to get through to the customers. A quick 10 second video showing the customers car and stating that their car is now ready for collection allows you to speed up your process. Also delivers some great customer service to your customers and gives them your bespoke landing page allowing them just 1 click to call if they need to speak with you.
• Send all your customers a marketing e-mail. Video the offer you want to promote or just wish them a Merry Christmas. Record the video and from the back office you have a unique url of your video. This allows you to send the video to multiple e-mail address with all your customers viewing it within your own bespoke template.

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