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How do I set my pricing and lead times?

You have the ability to log in using your email address and password provided. This allows you to change all aspects of your services through Any changes you make works in real time and changes all the sites giving you a one change for all function.

Do I have to bid for work?

No! All your jobs will be auto-priced - set to your pricing and your lead time by your personal manager

If I have a website, can people book through there?

Absolutely. Talk to us about our online booking tool. Adding the booking tool to your current website can easily and quickly be done to allow your customers to book online 24/7 even when you're closed

“We're seeing that this is a great way of demonstrating the value we can provide to motorists in our area. We have had bookings from motorists who we would probably not have seen otherwise, but who have selected us based on our quality, additional services and value”
- Paul Cliff, AutoSafety centre, Widnes

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