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CarStore opened the doors to its first Experience Centre in May 2022 at a newly created 9,800 square metre car retail premises, located in Chesterfield. The Pendragon owned business aims to allow customers the freedom to approach the buying, selling and servicing process in a way that revolves around them.

“With the launch of CarStore we needed to attract a new and different type of customer than we see at our franchised locations. We were particularly keen to appeal to the post warranty 3 to 4+ years vehicle parc. SecretService is enabling us to tap into this market.” explains Scott Kershaw, Aftersales Director of CarStore.

Traditionally customers with older vehicles would be looking at independents and fast fits for their servicing, MOTs and repair work. Consumers are conditioned to believe franchise servicing is expensive, and often ignore these ads. SecretService marketing attracts customers who would normally book at an independent/fast-fit. Further, by using the same service schedules through the channel with competitive pricing, dealers can compete apples-for-apples whilst also protecting their brand values.

Currently nine locations have joined the programme and Kershaw is delighted with the results. He says, “To date we have received an additional 1,348 bookings and £175,000+ of revenues. However, we have only just started and I expect us to significantly ramp up these numbers in 2023.”

By showing CarStore can compete on price for the basic services they are winning new customers. “But once we have those customers, we need to ensure we are taking every opportunity. Our average upsell last year was 72.5%. But our best-in-class was at Exeter CarStore who generated upsells of 140% over and above the initial booking value. An outstanding result.” says Kershaw.





With the automotive industry in a state of flux, the aftercare market remains critical for franchised dealer groups. SecretService is a proven acquisition channel for improving retention and delivering conquest customers.

Kershaw concludes, “March 2023 signifies the third anniversary of Covid which will see a disappearance in the 3-year warranty vehicle parc. With the cost-of-living crisis and the increasing mix of EVs means the aftercare market is very competitive. However, with our CarStore offering and the support of SecretService we see a bright future.”

Who are CarStore?

Following a phased rollout of CarStore centres across the country throughout 2022, the Pendragon owned used car and service centre business currently have nine locations. With a new ‘customer-centric proposition’ they offer a new, calmer way of buying, selling, and servicing cars. Currently locations can be found in Chesterfield, Exeter, Gloucester, Ipswich, Norwich, Nottingham, Peterborough, Shrewsbury, and Warrington. CarStore’s mission is to act as personal advisors in every aspect of your car buying, selling, and servicing journey.

To help you look after your vehicle, CarStore offer a choice of affordable services that range from maintenance to the annual MOT test. To make lie easier CarStore can also provide a Care Plan, which is designed to help you spread the cost of maintenance on your car with low monthly costs. Alternatively, interest-free car servicing and repair finance is also available. For your complete confidence that you are getting the best deal there’s the CarStore aftercare price match guarantee.

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What is SecretService™?

SecretService™ is an exclusive BookMyGarage offering for franchised dealerships. In recent years, main dealers have shifted their priorities to focus more on providing high-quality ‘aftersales’ care to cars of all ages. Many now also complete MOT and servicing on all makes and models. However, drivers of older cars don't tend to consider a main dealer for their maintenance because they think it will be more expensive than independents or fast-fits. SecretService™ is helping to connect the two by allowing main dealers to offer ‘secret’ pricing on their MOT, servicing, repairs and maintenance work.

Who are BookMyGarage?

For over a decade has enabled drivers to confidently choose a garage which best suits their needs and, more importantly, save money on their MOT, servicing, repairs and maintenance work. To date over 9,000,000 happy drivers have used the comparison website.

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