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Target thousands of potential customers in your local area through Facebook marketing

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How does it work?

1. We will firstly request for access to your Facebook page - no password will be required. If you don't have a facebook page, we will create one for you under your garage's name and branding.
2. Your digital manager will work with you to decide what advert will work best for your garage. This advert will be set up under your garage's facebook page and will be shown in a 5 mile radius to motorists around your garage.
3. Your facebook advert campaigns will be seen on the newsfeed of your target audience. You may not see the advert yourself but you will be able to notice the increase in likes and/or website traffic.

What are the benefits?

"My Facebook advertising is running with various promotions including the free MOT checker which customers seem to love too. This has so far generated over £1500 worth of work and even more surprisingly the combination bookings of service and MOT is about 90%. Long may this continue."
- AMG The garage Gosport

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We only require admin access to your Facebook page in order to provide our services. We will supply you with a guide on how to provide us with this access.
Yes we can. We will set up a Facebook page using your garage branding and details. You will charged a one-off fee of £5 per Facebook page set up.
A Facebook profile is a private personal account on Facebook which allows you to add and communicate with friends and family. A Facebook page is a business account that represents the garage publicly.
Facebook pages, unlike Facebook profiles, allow us/you to quickly build a following of new potential customers. Profiles force you to send a friend request before you can make connection, which can be problematic as people are hesitant to hit ‘accept’ if they don’t already know you. Pages, on the other hand, only require a “like” to start that relationship with a customer.
You will need a personal Facebook profile in order to access the page. Get in touch with us if you require access to your Facebook page and we can set this up for you.
We are unable to provide social content that is completely personalised for your garage. The social content will be different from your competitor garages if you make us aware of this.
The social content we post on your Facebook page will not interfere with the content you post yourself. If you require access to your Facebook page to create your own content, get in touch with us.

Get more bookings through highly targeted Facebook marketing campaigns

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