Mechanical Enquiries

With smart marketing and Google Adverts we target those customers looking for specific types of car repairs and mechanical work at the exact point in time they’re looking for a garage to carry out clutch, cambelt, DPF or any repair work

The Benefits of Mechanical Enquiries

Your choice of work

Your choice of work
Give customers the option to find a price online for specialist products, that you can choose.

Take enquires when you're closed

Take enquiries when you’re closed
Some customers prefer booking services via the internet instead of calling up, the enquiry form allows customers to do this 24/7, even when you’re closed.

Deal with the customer directly

Deal with the customer directly
The enquiries get sent straight to you, and it’s all yours to deal with. You can accurately price the work required, making it a lot more simple for you, and the customer.

What You Can Offer To Customers

Popular choices amongst our most successful garages.


Clutch Repairs & Replacement


DPF Cleaning


Cambelt Repairs & Replacement





+ more...

Collection of servicing related items

How It Works


Customer searches Google for the work that needs doing.


They fill out the enquiry form on the landing page.

Searching Google
Arrow pointing Right
Enquiry Form
Contact the customer
Clicking on the Ad
Arrow pointing right
Contacting the Customer


They click on your ad at the top of the page.


You contact the customer to price up the work and confirm a date.

Why We Use Google PPC To Market Your Garage

Pay per click is a marketing tool that has been around for many years. But what clicks are you actually paying for?

Your PPC Manager will create a list of keywords that potential customers might use to search the internet when they are looking for the services your garage provides (this is data driven). They will create & optimize the ads that are shown to users who have performed the search. They will also specify an area your ads are to be shown in, usually a 6-mile radius from your premises.

It works on a cost per click basis, so when someone clicks on your advert, you pay a certain amount. This allows us to work out a cost per booking to calculate your return on investment.

Our PPC marketing is instantly effective and gets better over time as the campaigns are optimised and developed by your dedicated team. Bookings are generated quickly and it can also turn into a very cost-effective way to boost business throughout the year.

Google Ad Example

“We are seeing that this is a great way of demonstrating the value we can provide to motorists in our area. We have had bookings from motorists who we would probably not have seen otherwise, but who have selected us based on our quality, additional services and value”
- Paul Cliff, AutoSafety centre, Widnes

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