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A cost-effective marketing method to ensure you only pay for customers who are interested in making an MOT, service or repair booking.

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Why use Pay Per Click?

Targeted Advertising

Your advert will be shown for specific keywords suited for your garage and in your local area. This dramatically increases the quality of website traffic and the chances of quality bookings.

Cost Effective

Your campaigns are optimised so you get the most cost-effective return on investment. Our dedicated team of experienced PPC managers will refine and focus your campaigns to ensure lower cost per click and higher booking rates.


Google PPC allows you to focus on the people who are looking for a garage to book an MOT/Service/repair. So, the booking success rate is higher especially with a landing page to turn lookers into bookers.

pay per click example

What is PPC?

Pay per click is a marketing tool that has been around for many years. But what clicks are you actually paying for?

Your PPC Manager will create a list of keywords that potential customers might use to search the internet when they are looking for the services your garage provides (this is data driven). They will create & optimize the ads that are shown to users who have performed the search. They will also specify an area your ads are to be shown in, usually a 6-mile radius from your premises.

It works on a cost per click basis, so when someone clicks on your advert, you pay a certain amount. This allows us to work out a cost per booking to calculate your return on investment.

Our PPC marketing is instantly effective and gets better over time as the campaigns are optimised and developed by your dedicated team. Bookings are generated quickly and it can also turn into a very cost-effective way to boost business throughout the year.

“We are seeing that this is a great way of demonstrating the value we can provide to motorists in our area. We have had bookings from motorists who we would probably not have seen otherwise, but who have selected us based on our quality, additional services and value”
- Paul Cliff, AutoSafety centre, Widnes

Get more bookings through highly targeted PPC campaigns

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