Our Service Level Agreement

This is what is expected of you as a garage. These are the contractual SLAs that you must adhere to.

Lock price

Honour all booked prices

Keep your pricing up to date at all times and always honour the price that the customer has booked. If your prices have changed since the booking was made, charge the rate that is listed on the customer’s booking.
Writing book

Make sure you are expecting all customers & have them booked into your diary

Keep on top of all bookings that you recieve and ensure they are added to your diary. When a customer arrives, make sure you’re expecting them. Keep your lead times updated in busy times to avoid letting customers down.
Checklist man

Never conduct additional work without the customer’s prior permission

Any additional costs or required repairs beyond the initial booking must be discussed and approved by the customer before proceeding. Clear and transparent communication with your customers is key.
Laptop tool man

Communicate with customers before their appointment

Don’t leave your customers in the dark - contact them before the appointment date to confirm their details and timings. This will allow you to understand any specific requirements and will put their mind at ease.