Content Driven Social Media

Reach and engage with your customers through social media

How does it work?


We will firstly request for access to your facebook page - no password will be required. If you don't have a facebook page, we will create one for you under your garage's name and branding.


Once we have access to your page, social content will be set up within 48 hours. You should notice the posts on your facebook page within a few days.


Your social media posts will be scheduled for a time where your audience is most active and more likely to see it. You can still post other content as well.

What are the benefits?

Audience engagement

Communicating with your audience through social media has never been more important. We live in an age where people expect to be able to talk to garages digitally.

Be active

People are more likely to do business with your garage if you’re active and responsive. We will create posts to remind your customers to book online with your garage.

Brand Loyalty

Build trust and meaningful relationships. If you consistently provide valuable and entertaining content, the people who like your page will stay loyal to your garage.

“Since BookMyGarage have taken care of our social media accounts, our reach and engagement has substantially increased. Great value for money and it keeps our clients engaged whilst building upon our business relationship”
- Richard Gray, Owner of Triangle cars, Havant

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need the password for my Facebook?
I don’t have Facebook, can you set this up for me?
What's the difference between a Facebook profile and Facebook page?
If you've created a Facebook page for me, can I get access to it?
Is the social content personalised to my garage?
Can I still post my own content to my Facebook page?

Interact with your customers with relevant automotive posts

Get in touch now and let us help you determine how a social content can help increase engagement with your customers.

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