The next steps for your digital starter package

It's great to have your garage on board with us and we're excited to see an increase in your bookings. Below are some things we need from you to get your package started. There are just a few simple steps to follow

How to give us Facebook access


If you've got a facebook page already, please let us know what it is since we may struggle to find the right one. If you have multiple facebook pages, please let us know which one you'd like us to use.


You can provide us with facebook access, through the page settings, under "page roles". You will see BookMyGarage below pending partner requests, which you will need to accept and save the settings.


If you don't have a Facebook page or can't get access to it, we'll happily to set one up for you in your garage's branding.

How to implement the Booking widget

There are 3 ways the booking widget can be added to your website:

1. Provide us with your website login details and we will add the booking tool to your website, free of charge (recommended)

2. Simply copying and pasting the HTML code to the desired location on your website

3. We contact your web developer and request for them to add the booking tool

How to give us your reviews

If you do not already have any positive feedback on, it is critically important that you supply us with at least 5 reviews from some of your previous customers positive feedback. We will use these to kick start the system. We cannot copy these from other websites without your written permission.


Email us at if you already have reviews on other websites (eg. Good garage scheme, Motorcodes, AA garage guide, etc). We will need your permission to use these reviews.


You can use our form to provide us with reviews your customers have given you


If you already have 5 reviews on, then there's no need for you to provide us with any more. But any positive feedback to add to your garage will only have a good effect.

How to give us access to your Google My Business listing


Once you're logged into the Google account associated with your Google My Business listing go to and click "manage location"


In the left-hand menu, click "users". In the top right-hand corner of the "Managers of [your business]" box that appears, click the "Invite new managers" icon.


Enter our email: Then, using the dropdown box, select manager and click "Invite". Once this is done, send us an email to let us know!

Need help?

Don't hestitate to get in touch now. Just email or contact the our office on 0330 124 5661