SecretService™ - Guaranteed ROI between 200% & 500%
  • Improve customer retention
  • Win back lapsed customers
  • Gain conquest customers

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“We were able to see which of our customers we were about to lose so that we could retain them. We also gained new customers who openly admitted they would not have considered us at all. SecretService™ is now an important part of our retention and conquest strategy.”
- Chris Allen, Service Manager, Alan Day Volkswagen

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Market disruptors are taking your customers away
by claiming they're 60% cheaper than you

40% of 3 & 4 year old car customers are online price matching1.
Disruptors have already taken 17% of aftermarket customers away 2.
Consumers presume that franchise garages won't service 3+ year old cars

SecretService™ provides a solution

Fully managed, real time reporting, providing proof of return on investment and even provides a solution to gaining positive Google reviews
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Guaranteed ROI of at least double

  • Real-time reporting showing proof of return on investment
  • Volume / type / value of bookings
  • Individual branch and group reporting
  • As well as confirmed bookings, the SecretService™ Intelligence converts customers as they are about to migrate.

Is your area still available?

SecretService™ exclusive tenancy available from as little as £350pm.

1 SMMT 2 McKinsey 3/17