Fast Authorisation for Recommended Repairs

Save time wasted on chasing customers. Easily send a video with a price of unexpected repairs using your phone.

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What are the benefits?

Explaining to customers over the phone the complexities of their vehicle repairs is not an easy task! Providing them with a video of the exact problem allows them to view in their own time and understand the issue so that they can make an informed decision on the work that needs to be completed.

Video authorisation is not just limited to the aftersales market, why not find out how this application can help increase your car sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your demo of View my Auto will be set up within 24 hours from when you send a request. Once you are happy to go ahead, View my Auto will be ready to use as soon as payments and contracts have been received.
The fee you are quoted will be the price you pay for 5 mechanics to use the application. If you want more mechanics to use View my Auto, you will be charged extra for this. There is no additional cost for equipment.
We are happy to talk you through using the application. The best way to learn how to use it is to experiment yourself. We are in the progress of setting up training videos to provide tips on how to get the most out of the application.
You get a full back office portal allowing you to see the:
  • Date and time the video was created
  • Mechanics name who took the video
  • Link to the secure domain that the video is being shown
  • Date and time stamp of when the video was watched
  • Capture of mobile number and e-mail address entered
  • Acceptance of work request if added into the video
Do you provide collection and delivery? Take a quick video on your phone before taking the car. We speak with garages every day and have been amazed by how many cases our garages have had of consumers indicating that scratches and scuffs were not there before the garage took the car. Quick walk round video allows you to record the car and send the video direct to the customer.

Car is now ready for collection. Speaking with mechanics, this sometimes can take a long time to get through to the customers. A quick 10 second video showing the customers car and stating that their car is now ready for collection allows you to speed up your process. Also delivers some great customer service to your customers and gives them your bespoke landing page allowing them just 1 click to call if they need to speak with you.

Send all your customers a marketing e-mail. Video the offer you want to promote or just wish them a Merry Christmas. Record the video and from the back office you have a unique url of your video. This allows you to send the video to multiple e-mail address with all your customers viewing it within your own bespoke template.

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Our app has been designed for a seamless, cost-effective customer experience that puts you ahead of the competition. You can sign up for a demo in your own branding and we can show you exactly what to expect from this video authorisation app.

or call us on 0330 400 4431 (lines open 9:00 - 17:00)