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26th Mar 2019

Customer Misconceptions

Google is awash with aggressive advertising with messaging that states franchise servicing is expensive. It also builds on misconceptions and drives motorists to book with disruptors and independents.

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27th Feb 2019

The Importance of a Digital Garage

It’s no secret that ‘Digital Business’ is here to stay and making the most of the opportunities doesn’t need to be a secret either. Take a look at how beneficial...

A person using BookMyGarage on a laptop
18th Mar 2018

Take on the Google ads that make franchised servicing look expensive

Motorists also think that franchises are not interested in servicing vehicles that are over 3 years old. SecretService™ from BookMyGarage provides the solution to winning new conquest customers, whilst providing...

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17th Feb 2018

Digital Starter Package - Case Studies

Take a look at what our garages have to say about their Digital starter package and how it has helped them.