How many pages will the website have?

This is a starter website with 3 basic pages (incl. Home and Contact page), to give your customers a professional place to find you online. Further pages will be added in month 4.

How long is the 3 for free offer available?

The 3 for Free package is free for 3 months and then cancelled or billable.

What is a booking tool?

The BookMyGarage booking tool has been used by over 4,500 garages for over 8 years. Once set up using the dynamic settings (which your account manager will help you do) it will provide consumers with instant prices, specific to their car’s vehicle registration and be able to book within your lead-times, AM or PM, so you can manage your workshops as you see fit. Our booking tools have a high conversation rate, so you get more online bookings, and spend less time on the phone booking in your core MOT/service bookings.

Can I use the booking tool in more than one place?

Yes – use it on your website, on your Facebook page, and anywhere you have an online presence.

Do you charge me for the DVLA vehicle registration lookups?

No – it’s free for consumers to use your booking tools to enter their VRM and be told when their MOT is due. Unlike others, we don’t charge for this.

What is a review widget?

A review widget is a live tool displaying your customer reviews and stars out of 5. As reviews form a substantial part of peoples buying process now it’s imperative to have regular updated reviews proudly displayed wherever you found online, the review widget does just that.

What is a hosted site?

A hosted site is where we will provide the domain name and keep the site live and running for you.

If I want an improved site, can I have one?

Yes, we do a site upgrade from only £30 per month, this has more pages and will be found under unknown searches and organic website search. Rather than only named search. Or if you would prefer you can start with the free website for 3 months and move to this full website in month 4.

How many bookings will I get from a website?

We cannot guarantee any level of work, however we can work with you to help achieve your desired level of new customers and bookings.

Do I have to pay for bookings?

All bookings that come over our comparison website are charged at 10% or minimum £8 of the booking fee. However, they are free across your website or booking tool.

How do you work out the prices?

You have access to set your own pricing. Pricing is split by engine size and we can use our exclusive service price benchmarking tool to help you set your pricing competitively within your market place.

I need more bookings, can you help?

Of course we can, with our free consultation service we can work with you to understand how our products can be placed to drive more bookings to your garage.

I am not very tech savvy, is there someone I can talk to about how it all works?

Definitely, our team not only have automotive experience but have also worked in digital marketing for some time and can walk you through the digitisation of your business as quickly or as slowly as you require.

What happens when a customer makes a booking?

When a customer books via your own site or via our comparison site, you will be sent an e-mail and a text message confirming the booking. Also, your Garage Account Manager will call you with the first few making sure everything is working fine and that you have all the details needed.

If I already have a website can I have a booking tool added?

Absolutely. Adding the booking tool to your current website can easily and quickly be done. You will be provided with your unique HTML code for the booking tool and there are many ways this can be added to your website:

  • Simply copying and pasting the HTML code to the desired location on your website.
  • Passing the code to your website developer or provider and request for them to add the booking tool.
  • Provide us with your website details and we can help you add the booking tool free of charge.

How long does it take to build a website?

The website build initially takes 14-21 working days. We will then ask for your feedback, depending on the changes you request this could take a further 5-7 working days. There will also be additional time to allow for domain transfer or set up.

Do I provide the content for the website?

This is not necessary. Our content manger will take care of this for you.

I don’t have a logo for my garage, can you create one?

We are happy to create a bespoke logo for your garage for a one-off fee of £50. The logo will be created from your specifications.

Do I have to bid for work?

No! All your jobs will be auto-priced - set to your pricing and your lead time by your personal manager